Free Print Cost Analysis

Printing Cost Audit Benefits

A professional Print Audit from Samsung Copiers Cape town will reveal where your print set up is failing and where you can make savings and increase productivity.


Before buying a new printer or copier ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What volumes is your company printing across its entire fleet per month or quarter?
  2. How much are you spending on printing per month or quarter?
  3. What percentage of your printing is made up of mono and colour.
  4. How much scanning, copying and faxing is done each month or quarter?
  5. What departments or people are printing the most?
  6. Which printers are used the most?
  7. How old is your current fleet, when was the last time , if any they where serviced?
  8. How much productivity is lost each month due to printer downtime?

If you are struggling to answer any of these questions then a FREE Print Audit from Samsung Copiers Cape Town is the first step to you taking control of your printers, increasing productivity and reducing monthly costs.

How to Request your FREE Business Print Audit

  1. Simply contact a member of our sales team and log your interest.
  2. We will then call to your premises for a brief meeting to establish your current printer set up, and what you want to improve.
  3. We will then record all printer models and locations.
  4. Finally we will request information on monthly pages printed, scanned, copied and faxed from each printer in your fleet. 
  5. This information will be used to to calculate a cost analyses and to show how different options can save you on your monthly printer bill.