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At Samsung Copiers Cape Town, you can choose from the best lines of Intelligent Digital all in one copiers. We also offer complete support with your Network Print, Document Management, and IT Services.

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When it comes to photocopiers sales and printers, we are updated with the NEWEST advancements in the modern office environment. Commercial copy machines today can pretty much monitor and optimize your work flow, print cost and, most importantly, Saving the Environment. We also use the best management software available so that you’ll know your print output inefficiencies. Also, there’s a huge price drop on color office photocopiers recently so go ahead and ditch these overpriced old school copier companies!

With our photocopier prices, we will give you the best care and service at a VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE!

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Office Equipment’s Preventative & Cleaning Maintenance avoids unexpected downtime and delays that affect productivity and eventually, profitability. All our machines are offered with a Maintenance Agreement. This can include all preventive maintenance, labour, spare parts and consumables.

No matter how many machines. Remote monitoring, quick response and proactive approach eliminate the cost of downtime with maintenance and quick fixes that make your system work harder, smarter and longer. Not only that, we offer customized services and planned preventative maintenance – fix it before it’s broken!

Everyone knows what photocopiers are – even if they sometimes struggle to actually make them work. So what most businesses have in common? Businesses need photocopiers, because they are much more than the paper handling machines. Organizations need, because they are an important part of the daily workflow, the method of transmission and presentation of information internally and externally.

Although we believe that there are certainly a number of things that large corporations are doing very well, especially providing strong products and services, they tend to take care of their shareholders first, its own staff and then clients – after that. For us, it puts customers at risk.

Our business model makes customer care is our number one priority. We can source products with almost all overhead costs removed, to save money, we then pass on clients. When you rent, buy or lease a copier from Samsung Copiers Cape Town, our products will continue to be serviced directly by the manufacturer, using our national infrastructure. However, you will have the security of your account, managed with the customer at the forefront of the mind.

We will not only help those who want to rent, buy or rent a copier, but also provide ongoing support, maintenance and repair.

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